Droning & Audio thoughts

Whether it’s for making great mashups in video, or if you’re trying to just capture that perfect perspective for a scene or even a sale if a property. Drones have been here to the rescue, these rugs can go places we can’t get to with ease, although the FAA rules have been tightened up a bit. If you research and find all the requirements to fly these you’ll be happy to know it may only take you about ten minutes to do so.

Yesterday we fired up our DJ mav drone and spent some time syncing a outside audio source. Using a cell phone and clapping three time to sync it with the drone. One of our unexpected challenges of putting together a production team was that the audio was awful inside the go pro hoisings and the drone didn’t have sound that was usable.

Using a outside sound source gave us the quality we were looking for. I’ll be posting a follow up video with an example of that soon. Below are some random drone shots from our day. If you have any feedback on it yourself please comment below. Best wishes everyone.

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