Moody Ports Phoenix

Good afternoon everyone, its still blazing hot out here in Phoenix currently topping temps of 105. One would assume that most photography takes a break which is definitely not the case. If you are a photographer that has a passion you know were are out here all the time, we don’t know what breaks are. […]

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Nikon Z6 Portrait update

Nikon Z 6 for Portraits It’s been a few months since I update my blog and I’m back. I’ve been fine tuning portraits a bit and tracking equipment as well. The first shoot I’d like to share happened at a place in Tempe a pop up IG installation. I had planned on doing this for […]

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Nikon Z 6 50mm for Portraits

My journey Starting my journey in the portrait game has been quite the experience to say the least. I’ve been testing out the Nikon Z 6 Mirrorless camera since it’s release and I just so happen to pair it up with the new Z series 50mm 1/8prime lens. This was my first prime and I […]

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Droning & Audio thoughts

Whether it’s for making great mashups in video, or if you’re trying to just capture that perfect perspective for a scene or even a sale if a property. Drones have been here to the rescue, these rugs can go places we can’t get to with ease, although the FAA rules have been tightened up a […]

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Intro to night photography

I’m happy to report in that our night photo series is currently being filmed. This will feature some of the adventures one takes as a Phoenix street photographer. This is being created as a project to also promote out video side, which we are currently exploring. This short segment was done in Imovie and may […]

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Through the wave 🌊

Welcome all, I’ve decided to carry out my work/passions here. I’ll be sharing a lot of adventures and of course my life stuff with capturing light. 📸 This will be the first year working with the Nikon Mirrorless system which has been a very special connection for me so far. Not being there for most […]

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