Moody Ports Phoenix

Good afternoon everyone, its still blazing hot out here in Phoenix currently topping temps of 105. One would assume that most photography takes a break which is definitely not the case. If you are a photographer that has a passion you know were are out here all the time, we don’t know what breaks are.

Setup for this shoot was following:

  • Camerea: Nikon Z6 mirrorless

This shoot has a vision of blending the graffiti scene of downtown Phoenix with bright colors and poppy reds. The Z6 mind you handles very well in extreme heats (ive left this in the car on accident once and thought I killed it) Worked just fine.

We walked around various parts of the city where the art section and graffiti are most and found that the colors worked wonderfully, this was still a challenge with the heat being over 100 degrees. We would shoot a few shots and then go off into the shadows a bit to discuss the concept further and what we could do differently. For me I was lucky enough to have a model that was native to Arizona and was use to this sun in a positive way. Most don’t realize the mind state one can shift into when the weather is very hot and uncomfortable. I shot these on very aggressive settings, Normally I make sure I open things up a bit as long as light permits it. For this I wanted to test the lower 1.8 to 3.0 range on the f-stop of this wonderful lens. If you have never used a prime lens I highly suggest doing so if you are into portrait photography or want to become a better photography in general as these lenses do not zoom forcing the shooter to adjust to the scene accordingly. Below are various shots from this shoot, I hope you enjoy.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment below, also if you want to see more photos by us follow us on our Instagram: evanamos

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