Nikon Z6 Portrait update

Nikon Z 6 for Portraits

It’s been a few months since I update my blog and I’m back. I’ve been fine tuning portraits a bit and tracking equipment as well. The first shoot I’d like to share happened at a place in Tempe a pop up IG installation.

I had planned on doing this for a while from the advice of a friend (shout out to kelly for the information) This place consists of about 11 rooms of random goodness to take photos of. Mind you many may avoid this because of the jumpy colors and lack of light control one has apon entering. If you’re big into editing and don’t sweat the skin correction it’s a fantastic place to go if you need a spot of many different scenes in a quick run.

Below here are a few samples from various rooms at this installation.

Location: Thescene

The Good: quick, fun, colorful, many different rooms.

The Bad: price, other people, lack of light control / equipment.

Rating 9/10 This is a must, if you enjoy colorful shooting.

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